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Regina was born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island, the suburbs of NYC.  In between working two jobs, Regina's Dad was her coach in every sport she played, which sometimes included two sports in one given season.  Her gifted Mom was her voice coach, prepping her for theater auditions and performances and instilling in her a deep care for people doing the right thing.  She was an over-achieving, rule bending, people connecting, entrepreneurial kid who burnt the candle at both ends to accomplish outrageous goals.  She graduated from Glen Cove High School and prepared to attend Fordham University where she enrolled in their International Business program and planned an Engineering Minor in conjuction with Columbia University.  Her goal: Be the first female Formula One team manager.

The Universe, however, had other plans for her.  Regina was a passenger in a car accident two days after turning 18.  This accident changed the course of her entire life.  What followed was a medical leave from college, four knee operations over six years of physical therapy and rehabilitation, and an insatiable need to study the body and a passion for human performance and grit.  To stand up and walk away from the accident was a miracle and not one she has ever taken for granted.

Early into her recovery, Yoga was introduced to Regina by an Orthopedic Surgeon. Game-Changer.  She started to practice daily, not understanding how profound its affect was, but just knowing it was a way for her to get stronger and pull herself out of limited mobility and anxiety.


Musician: Led Zepellin, Coldplay, DMB, Needtobreathe

Food: Stuffed Artichokes made by my Zia Stella

Place on Earth to Visit: Bellagio on Lake Como, Monaco & Hong Kong

Necessary Travel Items: lululemon Vinyasa scarf and a Moleskine

Essential Oil: Deep Relief by Young Living

Book: The Alchemist by Paula Coelho, the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and Matilda by Roald Dahl

Asana: Chaturanga

Greatest Fear: Not having a voice and making a contribution

Greatest Failure: Way too many to count but probably leaving a challenging job and situation overseas before making it my home.

Greatest Accomplishment: A loving realtionship with my family, especially working on a thriving marriage while learning to be a mom to the world's fiercest little girl while carrying ambitious goals for positive impact on the world and personal fulfillment...I'm tired just saying it!

Little Known Fact: My childhood plan was to either be on Broadway or run for President

Work of Art: Mercedes Gullwing, Ferrari 250 Testarossa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre

First she studied Iyengar Yoga.  Regina then layered in Vinyasa fusion (what did that even mean all those years ago?!).  When she found Ashtanga Vinyasa she found her method of strength and fluidity.  Day after day, year after year, YTT after workshop, opportunities, relocations across the country and to England and Italy and her practice remained constant.  She accepted job offers in the Car Racing industry as a Team Manager (mission accomplished) in the US and UK, started a consulting business for teams and later an athlete development business (Powered by Regina) working on developing physical and mental performance in professional athletes.  She grand opened the first lululemon store on Long Island as Store Manager and then went to school in Denver for Massage Therapy.  Her practice continued.

After 10 years of global travel, incredible opportunities, significant successes, tremendous victories, studies, entrepreneurial ventures, a few deep valleys, some learnings, some losses and a whole lot of growth, Regina found herself back in NY.  Not thinking she'd stay for long, she ended up applying for a yoga teacher role at Life Time Athletic in Syosset.  She sat face to face with her future husband in her final interview and ended up sticking around.  


When she accepted  the role as yoga teacher and shortly after as the first Yoga Studio Manager in the company, she set her sights on changing the way the company did business when it came to yoga.  It became Regina's quest to serve students through a nourished and consistent teaching force, to give transient teachers a powerful voice and path for development and to express yoga's importance in our day to day lives.  Each year she took on greater scope and responsibility from teacher, to studio manager, to NE leader, to National Training Manager leading continuing education for 1100 yoga teachers in 120 locations and eventually to National Director where she could set the course and direction for the impact the company would make on earth.

But......something was missing.  Running a yoga company that saw 3.1M students could not provide enough positive impact to the world when the daily "corporate" battle wasn't engaging in yogic integrity. 

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom..." - Anais Nin

Today Regina spends her energy leading enlightened experiences and education through the Gritty Buddha, focuses on karmic work through United We Om and coaches leaders in strengths based empowerment based on the work of the Marcus Buckingham Copmany. 

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